Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wellness and Weight Loss Party in Pine Grove. :)

I spite of what the title says this party is not just for people looking to lose weight.  This party is for anyone who is looking to have enough energy to make it through the day without having to depend on drugs like caffeine, as well as people looking to lose weight in a healthful manner. :)

We will be talking about products from Amador County’s Online Health Food Store (Andrew.AwarenessHealth.com) that are wonderful for helping people reach their healthy weight and lead healthier, more energized lives.

There will be samples and free booklets with healthful, “weight conscious” snack and meal ideas available for everyone who comes.

So if you're ready to fit back in your favorite jeans or bathing suit, or just want to have more energy throughout your day, come check it out and bring your friends. :) We hope to see you there! 
RSVP to Andrew Plitt for directions: (209) 753-7865 or andrewplitt@gmail.com

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