Friday, February 24, 2012

Lacey Schwimmer Mentions the Pure Trim Shakes in SELF Interview

Here's an awesome bit of news I just found out about, Lacey Schwimmer from Dancing With the Stars talked about the Pure Trim Shakes when she was interviewed by SELF magazine.  During the interview she was asked,

 "How do you eat healthy with your busy schedule?"

Check out her response,

"When I'm short on time, I'll swap out a meal for a health shake.  I can drink it on the go and they're packed with nutrients.  The one I like best is the Pure Trim shake by Awarenesslife.  Chocolate is the best!"

The Pure Trim shakes she is talking about are the very same ones carried by Amador County's Online Health Food Store (  There are several celebrities who use these shakes and like them so much that they have said so publicly without being paid to do so. 

You can order the Pure Trim Shakes to try them for yourself at:

You can see a list of other celebrities who are fans of the Pure Trim Shakes by clicking here.

And you can read the entire article in which Lacey Schwimmer is interviewed by SELF by clicking here.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

They Did It!!! :D

Today was the day that three of my students tested for their White Sash Rank.  The test lasted for 2 hours and they worked like crazy demonstrating the skills they have learned over the past year.  I am very pleased to announce that after 2 hours of demonstrating (and explaining everything they were demonstrating in detail) they passed their first test and have each reached the rank of White Sash!  :)  Congratulations to each of them for this achievement!

Below are some pictures of them receiving their sashes and certificates:

 Paula receiving her Sash and her "Sash Speech"

 Just after Kathy received her sash.  :)

 Just after my dad received his sash.

 Here is where everyone is learning to tie their brand new shiny sashes. :)

 Offering a helping hand.  :)

 There's everyone with their new sashes!  :)

 Paula receiving her Rank Certificate.

 Kathy receiving her Rank Certificate.

My Dad (Pete) receiving his Rank Certificate.

It doesn't get much cooler than that.  :)

I want to extend my thanks to these students for all the hard work they've put into their training to reach this point.  They've really been wonderful and I'm completely thrilled that they have made this step in their training.  Good Job Gals and Guy!!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

3 Students Preparing for Their White Sash Test

I'm very pleased to announce that 3 of my Tai Chi students will be testing for there white sashes next week.  They have been training for a little over a year at this point and I'm very proud of them for all their hard work.  I'm also very excited that they are about to take this next step in their training.

Below is a list of all the things they will be tested on and will need to show proficiency in to pass the test:

  • Zhan Zhuang Qi Gong (Standing Like a Tree Qi Gong)
    • Correct movements into posture, correct posture, and correct closing movements as well as an understanding of what you should be focusing on during this Qi Gong
  • 8 Fundamental Stances – Static  (Ji Ben Ba Shi)
    • Able to hold each Stance for 30 seconds 
      • Horse Stance
      • Bow & Arrow Stance
      • Sitting on Crossed Legs Stance
      • Four-Six Stance
      • Tame the Tiger Stance
      • False Stance
      • Rooster Stands on One Leg Stance
      • Squat Stance
  • 5 Stepping Practices – Solo and with a partner
    • Stepping Forward
    • Stepping Backward
    • Stepping to the Left – Inside and Outside
    • Stepping to the Right – Inside and Outside
    • Keeping the Center
  • Yang Tai Chi 24 Postures Form
  • Tai Chi 10 postures Qi Gong
  • Basic Off-Balancing Concepts
    • Explain the concept of the “3rd leg of the triangle”
    • Demonstrate where to lead someone to take them off balance from Horse Stance, Bow & Arrow Stance, and Four-Six Stance
  • Correct Wushu Salute and Its Meaning

Many of these things may sound very simple when just reading the titles, but each section of this test requires a great deal of attention to detail.  There is a reason it has taken these students a year to prepare for this test, but all their hard work has definitely earned them the right to take part in this examination of skills.  :)

Stay tuned for pictures and updates from the test and the ceremony.  :)