Friday, March 27, 2015

Beach Tai Chi

One of our students, Nancy, was recently in Hawaii and even though she was not with us in our classes, she didn't let that stop her from training.  She was kind enough to have a friend take some pictures of her practicing Tai Chi on a picturesque beach and sent them to us to share with you.  One of the many beautiful aspects of Tai Chi is its mobility, you can take it with you anywhere and enjoy its benefits any time you choose.  :)

Nancy has a wonderful gift for mentoring people and does work with Human Design to help people reach their fullest potential in life.  Take a look at her website to learn more about what she does:

Sunday, March 15, 2015

A Beautiful Training Guide

We came across this picture today and had to share it.  It is a beautiful reminder of the proper mind set with which to approach any type of training, but most especially Tai Chi training.  There is a vast difference between mentally understanding how a technique should be done and actually being able to do it.  One of the most common things we hear from new students who are learning a new technique is, "I understand what I am supposed to be doing, but I can't seem to get my body to do it..."

The good news is, such a difficulty can be overcome through repetition, repetition, repetition......with a little extra practice in between.  You will receive little or no benefits from only understanding a move mentally, but if you do that move over and over and over, your body will be strengthened to perform the move more powerfully, you will begin to naturally understand how to do the move more efficiently, you will become more aware of your body's position and gain much better control over your body (which will not only improve things like balance, but will allow you to learn new movements more easily).......simply put, you will begin to actually experience, in a very deep and profound way, all of the benefits of Tai Chi that you have heard about.

Even more importantly, you will begin to experience the benefits that you don't often hear about, because they are not easily expressed in words and in most cases can only be experienced through determined practice and lots, and lots, and lots of repetition.

So, if you are waiting to hear the deepest, darkest, most profound, game changing, secret of the ancients that will catapult your Tai Chi training to the next level and help you realize all of the benefits that attracted you to Tai Chi in the first it is....."Follow the advice in the picture below and don't ever stop following that advice."  ;)

Friday, March 13, 2015

New Dojo Pictures

This month the Pine Grove Karate Dojo moved to Jackson and began holding classes.  Today's morning Tai Chi class completed the first week of Tai Chi training at the new dojo location and we would like to share some pictures of the new facility with you.  :)

Here is the sign that we have up on Hwy. 49

This is the driveway leading up to the new Karate Dojo

Heading up this driveway, turn in the second parking lot on the right.  We are very excited about the large parking lot for training outside on days with nice weather.  We've had two classes outside so far and it has been amazing.  :)

The smaller portion of the building in front is the indoor training area.

Here is what it looks like on the inside.  

We are thrilled to have this new training area and we hope you will come join us for classes here. 

There have been some rumors that the Karate Dojo in Pine Grove closed, but the truth is, we just moved the Karate Dojo to Jackson and we are continuing to offer Tai Chi classes at the new location.

Help us spread the word about our new location, and stop by to try out a Karate or Tai Chi lesson if you live in or near Jackson.