Saturday, April 25, 2015

Tai Chi Punching Bag Drill Video: 1 Inch Power Generation

This morning a new Tai Chi punching bag drill instructional video posted.  This video will teach you how to use a punching bag to generate good striking power over a short distance, which is a very important skill to have in Tai Chi, or any other martial art.  A new video for this free instructional series will post on Shifu Plitt's YouTube channel every Saturday at 9:00am until this series is complete.  We hope you find this video very useful in your practice and wish you the best in your training.  Enjoy!  :)

Settling Into the New KSW Karate Dojo

We have been holding our Tai Chi classes are the new KSW Karate Dojo in Jackson, CA since March of 2015 and we are absolutely loving the new location.  Each week there are little improvements made here and there as both the Tai Chi and Karate classes are settling in to their new training environment.  Today we took a little time after class to put up the Tai Chi students' rank certificates and a few old pictures.  :)

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Yang Tai Chi Posture: Snake Creeps Down Video

In Yang Style Tai Chi the posture "Snake Creeps Down" is one of the postures that gives new students a lot of trouble.  It is a fairly complicated set of movements to coordinate when you first attempt it and it can be very beneficial to break the movements down and take them piece at a time.  In this video Shifu Plitt takes this posture from the Yang Tai Chi 24 Form and shows it as a line-drill (where a move is repeated over and over while moving in one direction for the purpose of perfecting the move) and breaks it down into smaller pieces.  He also shows a couple of variations for those who have strong, flexible legs and like lower stance, as well as for those who prefer higher stances.  This video is a part of the free Tai Chi and Qigong lessons that Shifu Plitt has available on his YouTube Channel.  We hope you find it very helpful in your training.  :)