Thursday, April 23, 2015

Yang Tai Chi Posture: Snake Creeps Down Video

In Yang Style Tai Chi the posture "Snake Creeps Down" is one of the postures that gives new students a lot of trouble.  It is a fairly complicated set of movements to coordinate when you first attempt it and it can be very beneficial to break the movements down and take them piece at a time.  In this video Shifu Plitt takes this posture from the Yang Tai Chi 24 Form and shows it as a line-drill (where a move is repeated over and over while moving in one direction for the purpose of perfecting the move) and breaks it down into smaller pieces.  He also shows a couple of variations for those who have strong, flexible legs and like lower stance, as well as for those who prefer higher stances.  This video is a part of the free Tai Chi and Qigong lessons that Shifu Plitt has available on his YouTube Channel.  We hope you find it very helpful in your training.  :)

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