Friday, February 24, 2012

Lacey Schwimmer Mentions the Pure Trim Shakes in SELF Interview

Here's an awesome bit of news I just found out about, Lacey Schwimmer from Dancing With the Stars talked about the Pure Trim Shakes when she was interviewed by SELF magazine.  During the interview she was asked,

 "How do you eat healthy with your busy schedule?"

Check out her response,

"When I'm short on time, I'll swap out a meal for a health shake.  I can drink it on the go and they're packed with nutrients.  The one I like best is the Pure Trim shake by Awarenesslife.  Chocolate is the best!"

The Pure Trim shakes she is talking about are the very same ones carried by Amador County's Online Health Food Store (  There are several celebrities who use these shakes and like them so much that they have said so publicly without being paid to do so. 

You can order the Pure Trim Shakes to try them for yourself at:

You can see a list of other celebrities who are fans of the Pure Trim Shakes by clicking here.

And you can read the entire article in which Lacey Schwimmer is interviewed by SELF by clicking here.

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