Friday, July 1, 2011

Product of the Month for July 2011. :)

Since the month of July usually flows with the thoughts of freedom in America and we celebrate our nation's independence, I thought I would choose a product for July's "Product of the Month" that has to do with freedom...

Because these products have to do with health, and not national independence, the freedom I'm referring to is the freedom of a person's body from toxins.   Detoxing has been a big subject amongst health gurus for many years and it's importance is recognized by many health care professionals.  If your body cannot adequately eliminate the waste it produces, that waste accumulates and starts to break the body down from the inside out. 

Unfortunately, detoxing has become a fairly expensive endeavor for those who don't know much about it.  I saw an advertisement, a couple weeks ago, for a week-long detox.  They would provide meals that were supposed to help the body detox for one week and the cost was around $200.  That seemed a bit excessive to me...

The Colon is one of the body's main waste elimination systems and it is used to move many toxins out of the body.  If the colon is working correctly it will help move toxins out of the body before they get the chance to start causing damage.  If the colon is not working correctly, however, then these toxins can begin to build up in the body and cause problems.  Dr. Anthony Badzier, after conducting a 25-year study with 5,000 cases, said, "...intestinal toxins are the most important primary and contributory cause of many health problems of the human body." 

The Product of the Month for July of 2011 is Experience.  It's made of natural Mediterranean herbs that are blended together to make a formula that has been used in the Mediterranean for over 100 years to cleanse the colon and promote healthy colon function.

If you know anyone that's interested in detoxing their body, have them check out Experience on Amador County's Online Health Food Store.


Detox your body and cleanse your colon with this Mediterranean herbal recipe.  Ancient Wisdom for The New You is proud to present Experience as Product of the Month.  Click Here for more info.

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