Thursday, July 14, 2011

Update and Some Screen Shots for the Tai Chi DVD

Good news!  I'm coming up on the half-way mark in the editing process.  I've still got a lot of work to do before this DVD is ready for everyone, but it's coming along!  :)  I thought I would share a couple of still photos from the video footage so you guys could get your first glimpse of what's on this DVD.  :-D

This first photo is from the Qi Gong section of the DVD.  In this photo I'm explaining how to do the Qi Gong exercise called "Sink the Qi to the Dan Tian"

The next picture is from the section of the DVD where we go over the Yang Tai Chi 24 step form.  In this photo I'm performing the move called "Single Whip" :)  


And finally, this last picture is one of my dad and me working on a partner exercise for "Firming the Center." A practice designed to help you learn to maintain your balance....even if someone is trying to knock you off balance.  :)

I'm actually taking a break from editing right now to post these pictures, but I thought you all might enjoy seeing them.  :)  I'll keep you all updated as this project progresses.

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