Sunday, November 6, 2011

Great News About the Tai Chi DVD

After months of set-backs, technical difficulties, and a super busy schedule to contend with, the "Tai Chi Basics" DVD is finally finished!  :)  I just finished putting the first batch into my gym bag to take to class tomorrow morning at New York Fitness and I will be bringing several copies to the classes in Pine Grove as well.  So they will be available at both locations during each class.  :)

This project originally started as a single DVD and has turned into a 2 DVD set because I was not able to fit all of the information on one disc.  Some of the topics covered in this set are as follows:
  • Basic Movements
  • Basic Footwork
  • The Yang Style Tai Chi 24 form (With each step broken down in detail)
  • Basic Stances
  • Standing Like a Tree Qi Gong
  • A Tai Chi Moving Qi Gong Set
  • Warm Up Exercises
  • Cool Down Exercises
  • And Other Information
I'm really excited to have this project complete and to have this learning aid available to all of my students.  I am very much in hopes that these DVD's will help you all practice at home.  Thank you all for your patience while this project was in the works!  See you at class.   :)

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