Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Picture of Me with Eric Lee at today's GSKA tournament in Castro Valley. :D

Here's a picture of Eric Lee and me at the Castro Valley GSKA Sid Campbell Memorial martial arts tournament.  Eric Lee was one of the people who came over to congratulate me after I performed a Chen Tai Chi form and got 29.91 points out of a potential 30.00.  It was SOOOO cool to be able to meet Eric Lee in person.  He is considered "The King of Kata" because he is undefeated in open-hand and weapons forms.  Really awesome guy.  I was personally very excited to meet him because one of the first martial arts workout videos I ever bought (clear back when I was in Jr. High) was made by Eric Lee and I've always been a bit of a fan.  :)  I'd have to say that one of the things that meant the most to me while we were talking is that, twice during our conversation, he said I need to be teaching martial arts.  :D  Coming from Eric Lee, that meant the world to me.  :)  Needless to say.....I had an amazing day.  :D

I'm planning on posting the video of my form and another picture that I had taken with a Chinese Grand Master that was at the tournament (I'll tell you the story about meeting him when I post that pic.) in the near future.  .....So stay tuned.  :)

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