Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Pan Gen Qigong Video Series (23 videos)

After several weeks of working on this series it is finally finished and available for everyone to enjoy.

As with the other video series we have posted, the first several videos in this series walk you through each stationary and moving posture of Pan Gen Qigong.  The last 6 videos are follow-along videos that contain no instruction and are simply meant to make it easier for you to schedule a video into your day, to make practicing easy to time and accomplish. 

Pan Gen Qigong (roughly translated as "Turning Foundation" Qigong) is for developing internal power and a strong root for internal martial arts training (such as Tai Chi).  However, the benefits of developing internal power and a strong root extend beyond martial arts training into everyday life.  It is believed in traditional Chinese medicine that ailments are a direct result of imbalanced energy flow through the body.  Because this Qigong set places a great deal of importance on developing your internal energy and circulating it through your body, and the postures aid in directing the energy to break up blockages, this Qigong set can easily be used for health purposes, as well as martial purposes. 

For the internal martial artists, the stationary postures aid in developing your root while stationary and the moving postures help you maintain that root while walking in a particular pattern.

I hope you all find this series and this Qigong set useful and I hope you enjoy practicing it as much as I do.  Enjoy! 

To Your Health,
Shifu Andrew Plitt

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