Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tai Chi Offers Better Quality of Life Than Many Popular Activities

According to an article published in "Supreme Chi Living," an online journal by The American Tai Chi and Qigong Association, Tai Chi practitioners report better quality of life than those active in other activities popular in our culture today.  We have included the article as well as a link back to the original website below for you to see it for yourself.  Enjoy!

"Tai Chi Participation Shows More Positive Impact on Quality of Life than Gym Exercise and Book Clubs
June 27, 2013 -
Tai Chi Chuan (TCC) is a traditional Chinese medicine practice and martial art with bio-psychosocial aspects. A study published by Journal of Complementary and Alternative Medicine in its May 2013 issue aimed to examine the impact of participation in TCC on multiple domains of Quality of Life (QoL) and to assess the involvement of the psychological factors of self-efficacy, Locus of Control (LoC) and Hope in these effects.
A total of 68 participants from the general community (13 males and 55 females) aged between 18 and 68 (M=43.55 years) and not currently suffering from a mental or physical illness took part in the study.
It was found that TCC participants, as a group, scored significantly better than those in sedentary (book club) and active (gym exercise) control conditions on Psychological and Physical QoL, and that the Physical QoL benefits of TCC continue to accrue with years of practice. The three psychological factors were shown to variously mediate (self-efficacy) and moderate (internal LoC and Hope) this latter relationship.
Whilst the results bear limitations (in particular small sample sizes), it is hoped that these findings will encourage further research into TCC, and consideration of TCC as part of the range of treatment options available in community-based mental and physical health management." 

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