Below is a list of Tai Chi Chuan (Taijiquan) and Qigong classes offered by Shifu Plitt. 

Class times and locations change occasionally and the current schedule is most accurately reflected on this page.  If you see a class mentioned in the archived blog posts, it has probably been cancelled or changed if you cannot find it here.  Contact Me if you have any questions.

Shifu Plitt is no longer teaching Taiji classes due to a very busy schedule, although he is still posting instruction videos on our YouTube channel.

For people in Amador County, Shifu Plitt has moved away from Amador County and there are currently no classes offered by him in the Amador County area.  However, his dad, Pete Plitt, is teaching an introductory Tai Chi class for beginners at New York Fitness.  Please contact New York Fitness for class details. Click Here to visit their website.

 Pete Plitt, Purple Sash Level 2 and Personal Fitness Trainer
Leads Beginner Tai Chi Classes at New York Fitness in Jackson, CA

Katy Guletz, Purple Sash Level 1
Leads/organizes a beginner Tai Chi meet up group 
for former students at New York Fitness

Private Instruction:
(Currently unavailable)
If you are interested in Learning Tai Chi or Qi Gong, but cannot make it to one of the scheduled classes I offer private one-on-one sessions.  Contact me to schedule.
Price: $50 per person per hour or any part of an hour.  (For partners the price is $50 for the first person and $35 for their partner for one hour of private instruction taken together [a total of $85 per partner session per hour].  If partners schedule separate sessions it will be at the regular $50 per person per hour price.)

Private Group sessions (3 or more people):
(Currently Unavailable)
If you have a group of people that would like to learn any of the arts that I offer to teach, but you cannot make it to a regularly scheduled class, you can arrange to have a class scheduled for just your group at a time that will work best for you if I am available to teach during the time you request.
Price:  $40 per person per hour or any part of an hour.

For the Tai Chi Chuan classes a uniform and training shoes are only required for students who will be testing for sash rank.  Testing students must purchase their uniform from Shifu Andrew Plitt early enough to wear it to their first sash test, then they must wear it to all following classes.
Students who do not wish to test are not required to wear a uniform to training.