Saturday, April 13, 2013

Upcoming Workshops

Today was our "Ultimate Fast Food Smoothie Party" where we talked about highly nutritious smoothies that can be made on the go for people with busy schedules that want a healthful alternative to main stream fast food.  We want to say thank you to everyone who came and everyone who helped set it up!

Next weekend we will be having two more events.  The first is the "Upper and Lower Back Health Qigong Workshop" in which we will be going over ancient Chinese exercises that can help keep your back strong, healthy and flexible.  The second is a "Detox Party" in which we will be discussing an ancient Mediterranean herbal detoxification blend that can help with your internal spring cleaning this year.

Below are links to the facebook event pages where you can get more detailed information about these events.  Everyone is welcome to attend!

"Upper and Lower Back Health Qigong Workshop"

"Detox Party"

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