Thursday, September 1, 2011

Product of the Month for September 2011 - Synergy Defense

A new month is upon us, which means Ancient Wisdom for The New You is proudly presenting a new product of the month from Amador County's Online Health Food Store.  This month we will be focusing on Synergy Defense a product that is a huge favorite of mine because it is so relevant to the needs of many people living in the U.S. today.

Most people know exactly what I'm talking about when I say words like Heartburn and Indigestion.  You may not even have to think back very far to remember the last meal that gave you heart burn or "didn't quite agree with your tummy."  Many times we eat foods that lack enzymes such as cooked, processed, and pasteurized foods.  These foods tend to deplete our bodies of the enzymes needed to properly digest food which, obviously, can lead to poor digestion.  Aside from eating foods that lack enzymes other factors can deplete our bodies of enzymes.  Things like stress and not getting enough rest.  So......processed foods, stress, and inadequate rest.......does that sound like very many people in the U.S. today?

Enzymes, however, are not the only thing affected by our lifestyles. Most of us understand the vital role Probiotics and Antioxidants play in fighting disease and infection in our bodies.  Many people, unfortunately are not getting enough of these to keep their immune system strong (while coping with things like stress and inadequate rest) and as a result are constantly getting beat up by every "bug" that comes along.  If our bodies don't have the tools they needs to fight disease they will succumb to it.

Synergy Defense has Enzymes, Probiotics, Prebiotics, and Antioxidants.  Most Probiotics have a poor shelf life and lose potency very quickly and even if you get them right away most won't make it past the acids in the stomach.  To avoid this common problem the Probiotics in Synergy Defense have been microencapsulated to ensure that they make it all the way to your intestine in a usable state.
If you know anyone who is stressed out, doesn't get enough rest, has occasional digestive issues, or probably doesn't eat as good as they know they should, they might want to check out Synergy Defense on Amador County's Online Health Food Store.

Synergy Defense

Boost your immune system and improve your digestion with this Mediterranean blend.  Ancient Wisdom for The New You is proud to present Synergy Defense as Product of the Month.  Click Here for ingredients, etc.

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