Thursday, May 29, 2014

Stepping Sets/ Line Drill Videos

Here is the latest video series we have put together.  It covers all of the Stepping Sets that our students are required to know for their 2nd level yellow sash.  These sets are also very popular exercises among students who are looking to improve their balance and coordination.  Enjoy! 

Video 1 of 11 "Intro"

Video 2 of 11 "Parting the Horse's Mane"

Video 3 of 11 "Wave Hands Like Clouds"

Video 4 of 11 "Diagonal Flying"

Video 5 of 11 "Brush Knee and Push"

Video 6 of 11 "Rooster Stands on One Leg"

Video 7 of 11 "Circle Fists and Twist Step"

Video 8 of 11 "Kick with Heels, Push with Palms"

Video 9 of 11 "Snake Creeps Down"

Video 10 of 11 "Repulse the Monkey"

Video 11 of 11 "Maiden Weaves with the Shuttle"

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