Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fundraiser for a Shaolin Master's School

While I was training in China there was a Shaolin master at the school who was unbelievably skillful and powerful. His passion for his training and his heart for his students were inspirational. He had the admiration and respect of every student, whether they were training under him or not. His dream is to start his own school and while I was in China he did, with the blessing of his headmaster. Recently, however, his business partner has left him in a lurch and he is about to lose his school. This school is the life dream he has poured his heart and soul into since he was a child training at the Shaolin Temple and it seems a great injustice that he should lose it because of another man's greed. Below is a link to a fundraising drive put together by his students who don't want to see their master lose his dream. Whether you are an avid martial artist or simply believe in people realizing their dreams any contribution you can make is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

 A Picture of Shifu Shi Xing Long and four of his students in China.

To Your Health,
Shifu Andrew Plitt


Gabriel said...

great post for me my self working always keep training!

Andrew Plitt said...

Thank you for the comment, Gabriel. I'm glad you enjoyed this post. Please share it with anyone you know who might be willing to help Shifu Shi Xing Long get his school up and running again. Thanks!