Saturday, November 3, 2012

Synergy: Product of the Month

With the holidays right around the corner many people are already beginning to anticipate the wonderful, and sizable, meals that accompany our holiday festivities.  What many of us are not looking forward to, however, is the prospect of heartburn or indigestion accompanying us back to the couch after our feasting has reached a good pausing point. 

Now, the best piece of advice during the holidays is to eat with restraint and enjoy the good food, that has suddenly become available, in smaller portions.  Unfortunately though, most of us will not take that advice, not out of rebellion or an intention to over-eat, but simply due to the fact that lots of tasty food is now available and it is surrounded with festivities that tend to take our minds off of the amount of food we are eating.

To help you and your digestion cope with the holiday season Amador County's Online Health Food Store is featuring Synergy Defense as its Product of the Month this month.  Synergy Defense is an all natural product that offers a digestive enzyme blend (as well as micro-encapsulated probiotics and prebiotics that can help boost your immune system, which can be very useful during the winter months when everyone seems to be coming down with colds).  All of the herbs in this product are based on ancient Mediterranean herbology.*

At Ancient Wisdom for The New You we hope that you have a wonderful holiday season and that this product helps you and your loved ones enjoy your holiday season even more.

To Your Health,
Shifu Andrew Plitt

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